Would You Could You In A…(5 Unique Newlywed Dates)!

It’s busy being a newlywed! There’s the whirlwind of post-wedding thank you, possible moving/merging of your stuff and lives as well as your jobs, families and friends. You may find yourself going on fewer dates and recycling the same restaurants or activities over and over again. The solution? Try something new!

I was inspired by Dr. Seuss’s book Green Eggs & Ham….what better way to keep your dates interesting than adopting the mantra “Would you, could you in a…”? Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a weeknight meal start asking that question. Below are a few ideas:

1. Would You, Could You In A Tent? I think it would be incredibly romantic to drink wine and watch the sun set in a hanging tent. You could enjoy a trip to the circus or even plan a camping trip/date.

2. Would You, Could You In A Train? Imagine hopping a train for a weekend getaway in New York, Cape Code, the Grand Canyon…the adventure would be something you’d share and tell friends about for years! Check out a list of romantic train rides at vacationsbyrail.com. If that’s a bit much for you, consider looking for a train museum or a restaurant built in a station or train car.

3. Would You, Could You On A Roof? While it might be dangerous to picnic on your own roof, consider having cocktails at a bar with a roof top deck or find a restaurant on the top floor of a building.  The views will be lovely and will help you feel far away from everyday life (unless your a roofer).

4. Would You, Could You In A Library? Channel your inner sexy librarian for a date night at a library.  The older, bigger and more interesting the library, the better.  I recommend a college library if you live near one.  Snuggle up and share a saucy book of poetry or pass each other notes as you read.  You can whisper about your all time favorite books…and connect on a new literary level.

5. Would You Could You In The Mud? There are two drastically different ways this idea can go.  First way: train for a tough mudder together.  You’ll burn calories, build a closer relationship and end up with some amazing muddy finish line photos!  Feeling less than thrilled about dirty athletics?  Book a couples mud massage at a local spa.  You can relax and let the mud remove toxins from your body…together.

I challenge you to sit down with your spouse and make a list of “would you could you” date scenarios.  It will be entertaining at a minimum and could result in your most memorable date as newlyweds.  Please post comments with the dates you end up trying!

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