Becoming a Wife = A New Life

The transition from single to engaged happens when a ring is put on your finger, and the transition from engaged to newlywed happens with the words “I do”…but the transition to wife or “wifey” can take some time to fully register. Who are you now?  You’re the essentially the same person, but you may have a new name or address, or both!  You have definitely chosen to tie yourself and your soul to another being, which is a big deal.

I remember getting ready for a large event right after returning from my honeymoon and wondering “What would a wife wear?”.  It sounds silly, but becoming a wife changes your perspective.  You now have someone else to consider as your actions reflect upon them too. I may not have the whole wife thing completely down, but I do know what sort of wife I want to be.

My goal is to be a wife that is loving, honest, compassionate and fair.  Those may not be your “wifey goals”, but sorting out exactly the kind of wife you want to be will make becoming that person easier. You might also want to share your goals with your spouse and see what they think.  They may surprise you with their answers.

What was your biggest challenge in becoming a wife?  We’d love to hear from you in a comment!

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