Summer As Newlyweds: 5 Things To Do

Newlywed Sunscreen

As a newlywed, summer is full of so many golden opportunities to make memories as a couple and with friends/family.  It also has the tendency to be the season that flies by so quickly we all look up and it’s already fall.  Take my advice and make a list of summer to-do’s together…right now!  This allows you to understand each other’s ideal summer activities and the list can be referenced any time you have a free evening.  Below are five newlywed summer ideas to get you started.

1. Pack a Picnic - Pick an afternoon to picnic and be serious about it.  Whether you go the fancy route with wine, cheese and crackers or something as simple as fried chicken and lemonade it it the idea of eating together somewhere out of the ordinary that makes this a moment to remember…not just a meal.  Leave your phones at home and take time to enjoy each other’s company and the outdoors.  You’ll be glad you did!

2. Go to a Theme Park - Revel in being big kids who don’t have kids (yet). Screaming as you ride roller coasters and laughing as you get drenched on a log luge will do wonders for your relationship.  Spending a carefree adrenaline filled day together is one of the best ways to celebrate summer as a newlywed.  Don’t forget to take a commemorative photo or two.

3. Host a BBQ - Time to break out all of the fun entertaining items that you received as wedding gifts.  Make a big pitcher of sangria, put together a salad, throw a few things on the grill and invite your friends over.  Good times are guaranteed.  You can up the fun factor by lighting sparklers as the light fades.

4. Plan Pool/Ocean Time - Make plans to plunge into a pool or the ocean (or both) this summer.. You can hit the community pool with a bag full of sunscreen and pool toys or get away for  a weekend at the beach.  There’s nothing better than cooling off in a big body of water with your spouse.

5. Attend a Local Concert or Festival - Look for a concert or festival in your area.  Groupon and Living Social tend to have discounted tickets to a variety of events from music to wine in the woods.  You don’t have to go alone either, coordinate a whole group of friends to come enjoy the festivities.  You’ll laugh, dance and enjoy each others company.

What are your summer plans?  Did making a list work for you and your spouse?  Let us know in a comment!


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