The IRS 8822 Form: To File or Not to File

Name Change Kit Confusion
Newlywed and exploring the idea of name change? Now is the perfect time to make the transition to Mrs.! If you file for your Social Security card and alert the Internal Revenue Service to your new name via the IRS 8822 form prior to December 31st, you can use your new married name on your taxes. No one wants to think about mundane things like taxes in the warm glow of newlywed bliss…but taxes and impending tax season are a reality.

It’s free to file the IRS 8822 form, so there is no reason to skip it when you change your name! The form title may read “Change of Address”, but if you read the fine print, it also serves as a notification form for name change. Is filing the IRS 8822 required? No, but we consider it a CYA form. You answer 7 questions and mail the form in, and that will ensure that the IRS knows of your new married name prior to tax season. The alternative is to not file the form and hope the Social Security Administration alerts the IRS to your new name.

If there is any confusion about your name, your tax returns will be held until the IRS sorts out the matter (and we all know how fast government offices are). So, when in doubt, file the free form! If you have questions about how to answer some of the IRS 8822 questions, which are tricky, you can always call or email the MissNowMrs name change experts.

Did you file the IRS 8822 when you changed your name? If you didn’t, did you run into any snafus during tax season? Let us know in a comment!

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