5 Reasons to Take Your New Married Name in the New Year

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We’re twelve days into January, and sadly many newlyweds’ New Year’s resolutions are already falling by the wayside.  Did you resolve to change your maiden name after getting married?  That’s one resolution that should be easy to keep and there are many benefits to changing to your married name in the beginning of the year.

Take Advantage of Available Options - Not all states allow all variations of married name change (ex: Ohio doesn’t allow maiden to middle name change).  If plan to change your name, the sooner you begin the transition, the more options you’ll have as most states make legislature changes in early spring.  It would be terrible to decide upon a specific married last name combination and find out that you missed your chance in your state by a few weeks.

Travel - Thinking about booking a trip for Spring Break or over the summer?  Now is the time to apply for a new passport in your married name.  The State Department is taking ~5 weeks to issue new passports, and you’ll need your new passport number before you book your flights somewhere warm!  The other reason to get a new passport now?  You’ll get to keep track of all of your trips as a Mrs. instead of having them split between two books.

Taxes - No one wants to think about taxes, but changing your name in the beginning of the year will make filing taxes under your new name much simpler next year.  After working a full year as a Mrs, your accountant will thank you and you won’t have to stress about which amounts were made under which name.

Employment Ease - Employers need to be notified of married name changes and if that notification comes in the new year, odds are in your favor that you’ll get prompt attention from HR, new business cards, email etc before everyone is bogged down with projects.  Another pro: you’ll receive credit in your new name.  As someone who received a president’s club trophy and trip in a hyphenated name (as HR guessed)…I really wish I had notified them of my new non-hyphenated last name in the New Year!

Now or Never - Name change is one of those life changes that fall into the now or never category. The sooner you start the married name change process the sooner it will be finished and you’ll be an official Mrs.  The longer you wait, the more your maiden name gets attached to important things like leases, mortgages, degrees, etc. and the harder it becomes to make the switch to a new last name.

If your New Year’s resolution was to change your name, hopefully these five benefits give you the boost you need to start the process.  MissNowMrs is an easy online name change service that will streamline the paperwork and pain from 13 hours into 30 minutes for $29.95.  How’s that for a great deal and a way to ensure you check that particular resolution off your list?!


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