MissNowMrs Name Change Gift Cards Now at Target!

Target Gift Cards
Tis the season for bridal showers and weddings! Do you feel like you’re attending one or the other every weekend from now through early Fall? While watching friends and family fall in love and get married is amazing, it can leave a girl feeling overwhelmed on the gifting front. While something from their registry is always a good idea, some people like to give gifts that brides-to-be don’t even realize they need (including yours truly).

If you’re looking for a unique and useful gift for bridal showers and weddings this year, stockpile MissNowMrs gift cards! For $29.95 you will save each bride in your life 13 hours of hassle on her transition from Miss to Mrs. The easy online name change service auto-completes all of the necessary legal paperwork (think Social Security cards, passport, driver’s licenses and updating all her creditors) and makes sure she skips standing in long offices lines with the inside scoop on how to file by mail!

MissNowMrs gift cards are available online, at Rite Aids across the US and as of Sunday in 100 Target stores!  Could that be any more convenient? So be the friend that gives the gift of more time spent enjoying newlywed life instead of a cookbook.

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