Lady Gaga Intends to Change Her Name After Marriage

37th Annual Kennedy Center Honors

Lady Gaga, who’s real name Stefani Germanotta, has announced that she will take fiancé Taylor Kinney’s last name after their marriage…making her the future Mrs. Stefani Kinney!  As a star know for her extreme fashion taste and publicity stunts, it is interesting to see her do something so conventional as change her maiden name to her maiden name.

The fact that Lady Gaga is 29 and a celebrity would skew her towards keeping her maiden name, but she has also been quoted as being “old fashioned” about love and she is technically known by her stage name.  Gaga is on the celebrity name-change train along with Angelina Jolie Pitt, Amal Clooney and Ashley Simpson.

Do the name change choices of these prominent women show an increased preference for women to change their names or are they in keeping with the fact that 88.6.% of U.S. women change their names after marriage?   It’s an interesting question, and I believe data is starting to show that the mindset of millennial brides is different from those of Gen X and Gen Y.  Many site the idea of changing their names as a way to show that they are “all in” in their marriages.

Curious what your ideal married name change option is?  Play the MarriedNameGame to find out!

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