Christine Bleakley Changes Her Name to Mrs. Lampard!

Christine Bleakley Name Change

Another woman in the spotlight is changing her name after marriage! Christine Bleakly, a television presenter across the pond, recently married a former English soccer player, Frank Lampard. We just heard that Christine is making the switch to Mrs. Lampard after a gorgeous December wedding.

There a several key factors in a woman’s life that influence her name change decision. Age is a telling factor, as statistics show the older a woman is when she marries, the more likely she is to keep her maiden name. Christine is 37, so that would lean her towards keeping her name. She is also a media person, with name recognition. Studies have found that the more a women uses her name in her profession, the less likely she is to change it after saying “I do.” Christine has a younger sister, and no brothers which is another factor that plays into name change decisions. When women do not have brothers to carry on the family name, they can be more inclined to carry it on themselves.

Education is yet another factor that plays into name change (complicated right?). Christine pursued a degree in politics, but did not finish her college education. The less education a woman has, the more likely she is to change her name. This doesn’t imply that women who change their names are unintelligent. It is more along the lines of women with their maiden names on advanced degrees are less likely to go through the hassle of changing to a married name. If you’re curious how the various scientific factors weigh in for your ideal name change, play the Married Name Game!

The final factor is the one that trumps all others…love. Many a name-change nay-sayer has met the love of their life and shocked everyone (including themselves) by joyfully changing their names. Mrs. Amal Clooney is a wonderful example of a professional woman who changed her name and seems all the happier for it. We wish the new Mrs. Lampard a wonderful marriage filled with love, happiness, and adventure!

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