Kylie Minogue’s Married Name Change

Kylie Minogue Name Change

First comes love, then comes marriage, and 88% of the time name-change is the next step. It seems like the very successful singer, Kylie Minogue, will be part of that majority when she gets married. In a recent newspaper interview the star opened up about her up-coming nuptials and her intention to change her name.

Why would someone who’s name has been linked with fame for over 20 years change it? Typically the older a woman is when she marries, the more likely she is to keep her name (Kylie’s 48). She is even more likely to keep her maiden name if it is tied to her career (um hi she’s a star). Outside of these key indicators of name change is that wonderful thing called love. When asked why she would change her name, Kylie said “It makes a statement.” Indeed it does. More and more brides today are choosing to change their names as an expression of commitment or of being “all in.” Another famous figure who recently changed her name after marriage, is Amal Clooney and we totally called that name change before it hit the news!

As name-change experts, we have a prediction for Kylie Minogue’s married name change choice. Based on her star status and interview statements, we think she will take her maiden name as a middle name and become Mrs. Kylie Mingoue Sasse. Mrs. Kylie Sasse has a nice sound to it! We wish her and fiancé Joshua Sasse a lifetime of love and happiness together.

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