Robin B’s Real Name Change Story

Robin's Real Married Name Change Story

It’s the first Real Name Change story of 2018! We’re super excited to share the love story, wedding, and name change decision making process of newlywed, Robin B. Read on to hear how two sports-loving coworkers fell in love, how Robin’s fiancé supported her not changing her name, and the realization that changed her mind and had her surprising him with her name change paperwork from MissNowMrs!

Newlywed Love Story

I think our love story is fun!  A few years ago at work I spotted this guy, he was always smiling and always made people laugh in the office.  One day as I was driving home from work I noticed he was stopped next to me on the highway. Our eyes met and we shared an extremely awkward wave… I had never talked to him but I knew who he was.  Over the next few weeks I would catch him staring at me from across the room and look away as soon as he would see that I noticed. This went on for 2 months or so and I was wondering why he hadn’t approached me yet… It was now my birthday weekend in September and I invited a few of his friends in the office out for drinks knowing all too well that he would be with them.  We hung out that night and after that he still continued to stare at me in the office… Neither I nor him had the courage to talk to each other. Thanksgiving rolls around and his desk was moved right across from mine so we were facing each other!! It was like fate. We began to chat and flirt for the next few days… until his desk was moved again.  FINALLY, he asked me out! No idea what took him so long. Our first date was not planned at all… He calls me and goes “I hope you like basketball because I have 2 tickets to the Cincinnati Bearcats game.”  Luckily for him I love and live sports… and ever since we have been like two peas in a pod!

Our wedding day went off without any issues at all which I am so grateful for! We were married on September 3, 2017.  On September 2nd it was raining, storming and a gross mess outside. Someone upstairs had to be looking out for us because the weather was perfect, not too hot and the sun was shining, only a few clouds in the sky!!! The day’s festivities went off without any problems. The most emotional part of the day for me was when I had my hair and makeup done and finally stepped into my wedding dress. This was the first time that day I cried… and I am not a crier, ask my husband. I think he has seen me cry maybe once or twice before the wedding and I think I broke out into happy tears at least 6 times between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 before the “I do’s”. I could write pages on pages about what happened on the wedding day from start to finish, but I don’t want to bore anyone! Overall, the day was perfect!


Chris and I briefly talked about my name change about 1-2 months before the wedding. We were told that people wanted to know what my last name would be so they could monogram gifts, etc. That was the first time I had ever thought about name change.  At first I was against changing my name because I felt that I would lose a piece of me if I had changed it (my husband supported my decision not to change my name; he would say “you married me, I don’t care what your last name is.”) I struggled with this up until about a month ago when I realized I am still me… a name is just a name and it can’t take anything away from me.  A friend of mine suggested I use MissNowMrs to change my name. As a surprise, I filled out the paperwork and when the envelope came in the mail, I told my husband and he was SO EXCITED that I decided to change my name.

MissNowMrs has made the transition from my maiden name to my new name soooo simple!! I don’t have to go anywhere. Everything came with postage and I simply follow the directions and mail in what needs to be mailed. Right now I am waiting for my documents to come back! It will take some time to get used to, and it is strange seeing my new name. I think this is all worth it. Seeing how excited my husband was when I told him I decided to change my name made me realize that it was meant to be.

Robins Real Married Name Change Decision

Newlywed Name Change Advice

My advice to newlyweds (even though I still am one!! It has only been 3 months) is to be patient and relax. There isn’t as much to stress about as it seems. And even though EVERYONE says it…. make sure to soak in your day because it truly is the best day of your life!

Name Change After Marriage | Robins Story


Lovely wedding photos by Leppert Photography


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