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Name change after marriage happens year round, but Spring kicks off the largest number of weddings and consequent name changes. The MissNowMrs founder, Danielle Tate, joined Kristen Berset on Great Day Washington to discuss the MissNowMrs name change app, how her married name change company has changed over a decade, and her tips for other women looking to become entrepreneurs.

Why an app? The MissNowMrs app was a direct result of service our market and their needs. 42% of wedding planning is done by smart phone and tablet. Providing a app-based name-change service for newlyweds wishing to switch from their maiden name to their married name made total sense. When your company was founded before Facebook and Instagram… you have to anticipate and lead technology changes to stay in business!

How does the app work? Users download the app, scan the barcode on their driver’s license and their spouse’s, choose which name combination they want (name change options that are illegal in their state of residence are suppressed,) choose their address, and then tap the answers to 15 questions. Upon purchasing, all of the user’s name change forms, such as: Social Security, IRS 8822, US Passport, State Driver’s license, Voter Registration, and notification letters are auto-completed, printed and mailed to them with pre-addressed/pre-posted envelopes. They simply follow the detailed filing instructions provided to go from Miss to Mrs. in minutes!

How do you become an entrepreneur? MissNowMrs was conceived when our founder had trouble changing her name after her wedding. The problem sparked the idea for a solution for all newlyweds changing their names after marriage. So, be on the lookout for problems… and instead of being annoyed by them, think of possible solutions. Those solutions can turn into businesses! Also, look at new technology and how it could create new and better solutions to old problems. There is endless opportunity… not every good idea has been taken.


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