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How to Change Your Married
Name on Your U.S. Passport:

Just married and trying to change your name on your passport? Which form do you need? Should you pay for expedited service? Exactly how does the whole process work? We have all the answers and are happy to share them with you! Click to learn our expert tips.
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Which Passport Forms Should You File?

It is very important to select the correct passport form! Your options are the DS-11, DS-5504 & DS-82 form. If you've had your current U.S. passport for less than one year, you should complete and file the DS-5504. If you've had your passport for more than one year, but less than fifteen years, you should use the DS-82 form. Each form has specific fees and filing requirements, and if you do not send exactly what is specified you will need to restart the entire process over again.

Does Passport Name Change Seem Complicated?

Changing to your married name on your U.S. Passport and all of your other state & government credentials can be quite tedious and time-consuming. Is there an easier way? Click the Get Started button to skip the hassle and become a Mrs. in less than an hour!
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