Social Security Name Change

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How to Change Your Married Name
on Your Social Security Card:

Updating your Social Security card with your married name is one of the first challenges you face in the name change process. Should you fill out a SS-5 form on your own or at the office? Do you have to request your new card in person or is there a mail-in option? Is there a fee? While it may seem like there are more questions than answers, we've done all of the research for you. Click to learn the ins and outs of Social Security name change.
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What's the Scoop on Social Security Name Change?

To change your name on your Social Security card you will need to complete the SS-5 form, but be sure not to sign it if you are filing in person (the clerk needs to witness you). If you choose to mail in your form along with the required accompanying documents, then you DO need to sign the form. Some states will allow you to take your maiden name as your middle name, and some do not. It is important to figure out what the name change policy is in your state, because the Social Security office will allow you to change your missle name even if your state doesn't allow it, resulting in mismatched personal identification documents and a ton of potential headaches.

*SSA will provide the SS-5 application free of charge and will assist individuals in completing the application.

Does Social Security name change sound tedious?

It can be, and so can the process for filing your other state and U.S. government name change forms. Looking for a simple solution? Click the Get Started button to complete all of the necessary married name change forms in under an hour!

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