TSA Tip For Newlyweds & Honeymooners

Newlyweds TSA Name ChangeAfter all of the thought and planning that goes into creating the perfect wedding, most brides are more than ready to set off on a carefree honeymoon!  Can you imagine how upset you would be if you couldn’t hop on that plane to your exotic destination? It happens to newlyweds….and it’s horrible…and this one little tip can prevent tears at TSA.

ALWAYS book your honeymoon flights and travel reservations in your maiden name (and be sure your fiance knows this).  We know you and your spouse can’t wait to for you to be Mrs. XYZ, but if you have your married name on your tickets and your maiden name on your passport…it’s a no go.  Here is one woman’s personal account of her travel mishaps with Delta due to her name change.

Simply wait until you return all tan and relaxed from your first trip as newlyweds to file for your new passport in your new married name (your new  picture will be that much better).  If you’ve had your U.S. passport for less than 12 months it’s free! When you receive your new passport, they’ll include your old one so you can use the page with your travel stamps in a scrapbook or momento.

Now that you’re informed, tell your other engaged girlfriends the scoop so they don’t miss their dream honeymoon.  Do you know anyone that had trip issues right after their wedding?  We’d love to hear from you in a comment.

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