The Married Name Game: Will You? Won’t You?

Married Name Game

As wedding season hits full bloom, brides are beginning to play the married name game. Remember back to middle school when you tried on various boyfriends’ last names to see how they sounded? This is the real-life version of that game. Women have to decide if they will keep their maiden names or change to a married name.

Since we’ve helped over 360,000 women go from Miss to Mrs, we have a few facts as name change experts that will help you make your married name change decision.

There are many name change options to consider. You don’t have to choose between your maiden name or your spouse’s last name. Brides today can hyphenate, take two last names without hyphenation, take their maiden name as a second middle name, replace their middle name with their maiden name or keep their maiden name. Not having to part with your maiden name completely can make your decision process easier.

Think about your life now and in the future. Is your career tied to your maiden name? If so, it may be wise to keep your maiden name or choose a married name change option that includes your maiden name with your spouse’s name. Do you plan to have children? How would you and your spouse feel about having different names than your children? How will your children feel? Asking these questions can help you refine you feelings about married name change and what is best for you.

Will you? Won’t you? While there isn’t a time limit for deciding to change your name after marriage, it is wise to make the decision as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more things you will need to change if you opt to change your name (ex: leases, insurance, mortgages, bank accounts.) We’re big fans of the Band-Aid mentally. If you’re going to change your name, do it, and do it as quickly as possible. That’s why we created to streamline the 13 hours hassle of changing your name after marriage into a 30 minute online experience! We’ve also created a free married name change checklist that details the entire process of making the transition to Mrs!

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