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Married Name Change | Bravo TV

There’s a running joke in the MissNowMrs office. When I come back from a meeting, I always ask “Did Martha call?” (as I’m a huge Martha Stewart fan.) Occasionally we hear from the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings, but Martha has yet to personally give me a buzz.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I asked if Martha called, and someone said “No, but Bravo TV did.” That’s one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur. The unexpected and incredibly interesting opportunities that stem from building a company and expertise in a certain area. Bravo TV isn’t launching a series chronicling married name change, but they were interested in my viewpoints on name change after marriage.

As I have spent the last decade helping hundreds of thousands of women transition from their maiden names to their married names, I’ve learned a great deal about the topic. I’ve seen shifts in naming conventions, such as maiden to middle name rising in popularity as hyphenated last names wane. There’s also a pretty incredible sociological shift occurring. Today’s brides are so comfortable in their equality in their relationships that they do not view name change as something that infers ownership or being a “lesser partner.” In fact, many of the brides I speak with see name change after marriage as a reflection of personal style or a way to symbolically show that they are “all in” in regards to their marriage.

If you’re curious what Bravo TV wrote about married name change, and the insights I shared. Here’s a link to their name change article. Happy reading!

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