First Name & Last Name Change After Marriage:The Full Scoop

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The internet is a buzz with the news of Fergie changing her name.  Lots of women change their last names to their spouse’s, but Fergie is famous and is changing her first name as well as her last name.  The starlet will go from Stacy Ann Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel.

Our support team handles numerous questions from brides inquiring if they can change their first name while changing their last name after marriage, so here’s the scoop: MissNowMrs would love to assist you with your name change, but can only help you with a middle* or last name change via the married name change process.  To change your first name, you will need to petition the U.S. court system for a legal name change order.

Many brides don’t want to deal with the hassle of legal name change, which includes being fingerprinted and posting ads in newspapers announcing your intended name change.  Others really hate their first names (seriously who names a child Agnes or Mildred?) or have been using a different name for the majority of their life.  If you fall into the latter category, like Fergie,  we suggest checking out our legal name change partner Legal Zoom to make the process easier.

*Please note that brides in CA, PA, WA, NJ and OH do not have the option to take their maiden name as a middle name per state law.

2 thoughts on “First Name & Last Name Change After Marriage:The Full Scoop

  1. JG

    I’ve seen elsewhere on this site the statement that you cannot change your middle name in California. That is not correct according the State of California’s pamphlet regarding name changes at marriage. Please check your sources.

    California Name Equality Act of 2007 – the pamphlet can be found online, and it says you can definitely take your maiden name as your middle name or hyphenate your original middle and last. It doesn’t say you can totally make up a new one, but it isn’t a “no change” state.


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