Social Security Married Name Change Update In Florida

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On January 6th, a ruling was passed down legalizing same sex marriage in Florida.  Newlyweds rejoiced and attempted to begin their name change process….and ran into push back at Social Security.  Despite have legal marriage certificates, gay couples were denied form processing by Social Security clerks.  It’s difficult enough to take a day off of work, complete the SS-5, compile all the necessary legal supporting documents, and stand in line to get your new Social Security card as a newlywed.  To do all of those things and then be told you can’t change your name would be incredibly frustrating.

Apparently Florida congressman Alan Graceman felt the same way and penned a nastygram to the to Social Security Administration about their clerks’ discrimination.  In response, the Social Security Administration updated their married name change policy to include Florida.  Now all Florida newlyweds can change to their married names, regardless of sexual orientation.

*Original story scoop from Orlando Weekly

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