Newlywed Needs: What To Do After “I do”

Newlywed To Do's

Newlywed life is pretty great.  You just married the love of your life, most likely honeymooned somewhere amazing and now can look forward to spending the rest of your lives together.  At some point, most newlyweds hit the “so now what” point.  No need to feel lost…here’s a list of newlywed to-do’s to keep you moving forward in marital bliss.

Newlywed To Do #1: Make a Name Change Decision

Now that you’re a newlywed, one or both of you have the option to change your name.  Discuss your thoughts on the topic and then make a decision together.  The longer you wait to change your name (if that is your plan) the more places you will need to change it.  As a newlywed you’re going to end up merging a few accounts and creating new ones.  Having the name you intend to have for life prior to making those changes will save you the time and stress of having to change your name on both old and new accounts.  If you’re overwhelmed with all the places you need to change your name, use the MissNowMrs online name change service to go from Miss to Mrs. in minutes!

Newlywed To Do #2: Merge Bank/Insurance Accounts

Now that’ you’re an official “household” you can use your newlywed status to score discounted rates on home, health and auto insurance!  Do a little research to see what company offers the best deal and then delegate who changes what and who pays what.  I suggest separate bank accounts and a joint savings account as a key way to keeping a happy marriage, but if one of you is a financial wiz, you may elect to merge all of your bank accounts.

Newlywed To Do #3: Handle the Holidays

Holidays (much like weddings) bring out the best and worst in families.  Putting together a plan of where you will be for each holiday, and ideally which holiday you’ll host in your home, will help you navigate the holidays as newlyweds and set the tone for future family celebrations.  Just “going with the flow” is a great way to enter holiday hell, upset family members on both sides and miss the true reason for whatever season you’re in.

Newlywed To Do #4: Create a 5 Year Plan

You’re newlyweds and the world is your oyster.  Now is the time to decide what is important to you both and where you want to be in five years.  Do you want to own your own home, get a secondary degree, purchase a pet, have children or travel the world in the next five years?  The answers to these questions will help you map out your finances and goals.  It’s such an exciting time…make the most of it and make sure you end up where you want to.  You’re in charge of your happily ever after!


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