The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Formula

Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Formula

Are you ready for bridal shower season? Before the big days of friends and family members comes a flurry of brunches, teas, and afternoons filled with celebrating the bride-to-be. While every event may be different, you do need a shower gift. Not to worry, we have the perfect formula to help you bring the best shower gift for each of your friends!

Something Nostalgic + Something Helpful + Something Beautiful = The Perfect Shower Gift

Something Nostalgic

The first component of your gift should be something that will remind the bride of your friendship or her new relationship. If she met her fiancé in Spain, a tapas cookbook or a gift card to a Spanish restaurant would be perfect! If the two of you spent hours at a particular shop or spa, a goodie from that establishment is a great way to remind her of all of the good times you have had as friends.

Something Helpful

If you’re already married you have amassed married knowledge your friend needs. Think of something that was difficult for you as a newlywed or something you wish someone had given you. A MissNowMrs gift card is a perfect component for your perfect shower gift. It saves the bride 13 hours of hassle on her name change! Instead of standing in long office lines and stressing about what form to file when and where, she’ll breeze through the process in 30 minutes! You will absolutely receive a thank you note for this gift!

Something Beautiful

Weddings are filled with beauty, so of course wedding shower gifts should have a beautiful component. This can range from a mini perfume with floral notes for her wedding day, to gorgeous wrapping paper in her wedding colors, to your favorite bridal beauty item. Again, think of your friend. If she isn’t into super fussy things, skip the lace and give her elegant stationary or an engraved business card holder in her new name.

We hope this formula helps you create perfect personalized bridal shower gifts for the amazing women in your life. Enjoy this season of love!

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