Newlywed Mother’s Day: Moms & Mother In Laws

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Hopefully wedding planning and newlywed life has improved your relationship with your mother as you now share even more life events in common.  Newlywed life has also provided you with another mother to honor on Mother’s Day, your Mother-In-Law.  Below are a few tips for incorporating your Mother-in-Law into the holiday.

To avoid any disappointment on either side of the family, it is wise to chat with your spouse about their traditions for Mother’s Day.  Some families may simply send a card, while others plan elaborate weekends together.  Understanding expectations before the holiday will help you plan a way to make both moms happy and prevent hard feelings between families.

For your first married Mother’s Day, it may be easier to celebrate separately.  This is especially helpful if your mother’s live in different states.  If both of you plan to spend time with both of your moms, you’ll need to schedule times in advance or see if both mothers would want to celebrate together.

This may sound like a great deal of planning for a single day, but happy in-law relationships can only help your marriage.  If you’re planning a family in the future, it will also lay the ground work for your mothers to be flexible when it is your first Mother’s Day.

How are you spending Mother’s Day as a newlywed?  Did you have to juggle family traditions or are you celebrating your own first Mother’s Day?  We’d love to hear from you in a comment.

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