Married Name Change: Why Now Is Better Than Later

Married Name Change

Most newlyweds wait a few months to change their names after marriage, so after the Spring/Summer wedding boom comes a flurry of name changes in the Fall. While not every woman should change her name, it is advisable for newlyweds intending to make the legal switch to Mrs. to do so as soon as they can.

Why? It’s pretty simple: the more things with your maiden name on them, the longer it will take you to change all of them to your new married name! The longer you wait to change your name, the more “stuff” you accumulate with your maiden name on it. This “stuff” includes big things like mortgages, leases, vehicle titles, insurance policies and smaller things like airline miles and gym memberships. Outside of the entities mentioned, as the holidays approach “other stuff” lurks….stuff like holiday cards, mis-engraved gifts from family members (seriously), and company awards (I have a massive plaque showing a hyphenated last name I never took).

So, if you’re married and pondering name change, now is the time to pull the trigger. You can DIY and figure out the SS-5, IRS 8822, Passport 5504 and other government form gems using our free married name change checklist or save 13 hours of name-change form research, completion, and filing by using the MissNowMrs online name change service. We condense the 13 hour process of becoming a Mrs. into 30 minutes for $30…..which seems like a very nice pre-holiday gift for you from you!

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