4 Tips To Make Your Name Change New Year’s Resolution Happen

name change resolution

Did you make a resolution to make your married name change a reality in 2017? Whether you were a New Years bride or have been procrastinating for months, January is an ideal time to change your name after marriage. So, if you’ve made the decision to officially switch to Mrs. how do you get started? Below are a few tips to ensure your name change¬†resolution actually happens this year.

Name Change Tip #1

Decide on the last name that is perfect for you. You can take your spouse’s last name, hyphenate, take two last names, take your maiden as an additional¬†middle name, or replace your middle name with your maiden name. Undecided? Play the Married Name Game and let its patent-pending algorithm suggest your ideal married last name(s) and factor in state laws, as some states do not allow all forms of married name change.

Name Change Tip #2

Request 2-3 certified copies of your marriage certificate. This is the legal document that you will need to file with your name-change forms. Having several copies will allow you to file at several offices simultaneously, and become a Mrs. that much faster. *Trust us, the faster you go through the process, the less hiccups you will encounter.

Name Change Tip #3

Determine the filing order for your state of residence. Different states require different forms of ID to be filed first. Some want you to file with Social Security 24-48 hours before filing for your new driver’s license. Some states want to see your social security card in your maiden name to process your new driver’s license application, and still others require that you bring your new Social Security card with your new married name (which take 2 weeks to process) before they will issue your new driver’s license. Understanding the filing order where you live will help you plot where you file first, second, and third. That knowledge will also help you avoid making mistakes that can result in standing in long government office lines several times. Feel free to use our detailed married name change checklist as you map out your transition to Mrs!

Name Change Tip #4

Skip the stress of re-creating the name-change wheel and use the MissNowMrs.com easy online name change service. Sure we’re a little biased (it is our company) but honestly…wouldn’t you rather spend $30 to save 13 hours of tedious form research, completion, and filing? There’s a reason we have over 350,000 customers. Smart busy brides see the value in outsourcing their name change so they can spend more time doing fun newlywed things like decorating, celebrating, and spending time with their spouses!

MissNowMrs.com Nanme Change Service


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