Married Name Change & Voting | What You Need to Know

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Today’s the day for midterm election voting and women all over the United States are lining up to cast their votes.  If you’re newlywed and in the process of changing your name, this may affect your voter experience.  Where you are in the process and which forms you filed when will determine which name you can vote under.

If you’ve filed a voter registration form to update your name, you should be able to vote under your new married name.  That is as long as you filed that form two or more weeks ago (as the voter registration office needs time to process your request and amend their digital records).  If you haven’t filed a voter registration form, but did update your name on your state driver’s license check the form you completed.  Many states have a section on their driver’s license forms that allow you to update your voter information along with your license/ID.

If you have yet to file any of your name change forms, you should vote under your maiden name (or the name currently listed on your voter registration card). Confused?  A quick call to your state voter registration office can clarify which name you’re voting under.  Here’s a state voter registration office locator that makes finding the correct office info a snap!

Whatever your political party and name change status…rock the vote ladies…it’s a right that our predecessors fought for!

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